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Very unique !

This was a lot more creepy than I expected! The first time the character said "run" and I heard the noises charging after me gave a shiver down the back of my neck. Great work!

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Very iteresting little game. Loved its atmosphere environment and graphics.

I'd give the player a little more time to turn around and shoot the creature, but very good experience overall.


lol I tired, I really did but for some reason on my computer I couldn't even turn correctly. 


fun little horror game.

This game had it's flaws but was overall a really cool and enjoyable game! I played it in my 3 scary games (3rd game) and left some constructive criticism at the end of the video. Go check it out and keep up the good work!

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good creepy damn

Hello, I played this game and I really like the style of it, the environment was pretty cool and the sound effects were also nice, I think there were a lot of hallways a bit too much imo, which was kind of making the game a bit tedious but over all I really enjoyed it, good work :)

Thanks for playing. The game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare with the theme ‘Stuck in a loop,’ so the repetitive nature or the gameplay was intentional. As a player your meant to feel stuck in an endless loop, performing the same task over and over and getting into a kind of rhythm. 

Let's escape

This was great! Took me by surprise at the end! I would love to see more endings added to this! But even as it stands, this is a great game! 

the one I did in Java was less... fun

The game's interesting. Especially the part where I fall out of the playable area. Otherwise, nice use of color to add tension.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Damn, sorry about the bug :( first time I've seen that one. I guess there's only so many bugs I can find and fix within the 48 hour limits of Ludum Dare. I'll be putting out a patched version to fix this issue and some other bugs at some point in the near future. Thanks for playing anyway though. 

I can't kill the dead guy. I shot at him multiple times but he's not dying.

shoot at him again lol

Hey. Could you link to your LD47 page? I would love to rate your game there

Here you go, thanks!, strange that itch aren’t including the links at the top of the page this time. 

Pretty cool little game. I really like the colors. And that dead dude scared me pretty good haha. Thanks!


Thanks for playing :) enjoyed the video, 'didn't know I was gonna hit the half pipe, did ya?' was a good line 


Very spooky!


Cool! Did I miss extra endings by not going back? Found a fun bug where apparently I overtook the creature :D

Yooo iwan i just watched your video


Thanks for playing :) That's definitely not supposed to happen, and no, there's no other endings at the moment, might add some in the future though, but didn't have time to do that over the course of the 48 hour game jam.