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<This is probably the final build of Cultivate (for the considerable future atleast), will instead by focusing on new smaller projects.>

Play Heist: https://jwgames.itch.io/heist

Cultivate is a City-building/management game inspired by the likes of Stonehearth, Timber and Stone, Minecraft, SimCity and Clash of Clans. Lead your citizens to greatness by harvesting resources and building structures.

This is my first major project, I am a young (17 year old) developer and have only been making games for around 6 months, however, I am extremely proud of this game so far and hope to continue pushing it forward in the upcoming year.

Please leave feedback on the game in the comments below, all suggestions will be considered and all criticism will be taken and used to improve the game.

Follow development or contact me on my tumblr or on my twitter.

Know bugs to look out for:

-Happiness percent not accurate.

-Skip's in day/night cycle

-Low frame rate while in options menu, after changing resolution.

Please note that this is a pre-alpha PLAYTEST, this does not stand as an accurate representation of the final release. There is bugs, and there is problems. If you come across any of these, please let me know. I pride my self on fixing the problems that I myself may have overlooked. There may also by problems that are only present of specific hardware, in which case, please report the problem to me in detail, and I will fix the problem for the next playtest.

*Recieved some reports of problems when the game is set to Unitys lowest graphical settings due to massive increases in the games frame rate. Because of this I have had to lock the game to 60 fps.

StatusOn hold
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorJoseph Whitehead
Tagsbuild, City Builder, Colorful, Management, mine, Top-Down


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nice prototype

Oh, I've encountered a glitch...

I can't download the game, could you fix this?

I cannot give my rating / review of the game until i have this and play it.

I'm sure it's going to be a good review, this game looks promising.

I'm going to try this game out.

I hope there is some tutorial that will teach me how to play.

If not, it WILL take me a while to figure out the controls, after i DO, I'll play the game for a little while, then I'll give my review of this great looking game.

This game is amazing. If you can put some new things in it that would be great. Hope to see things in the future.

All that i can say about this is that it is a game. A game with lots of problems. This is not an insult. First off all i know you adressed this in the description but there is no real reason to play because of the lack of saves. Also You should be able to select multiple units at once. You should be able to assign units to mines and lumber mills instead of them just being there.

this version of the game is by no means a completed product, there was many things that I had planned to add including everything youvesuggested. Unfortunately however the game is no longer in development and at this time I have no plans on picking up the development of the game again.