A downloadable experience for Windows and macOS

- Made in 48 Hours for Ludum Dare 50 for the theme 'Delay the inevitable' - 

'Park Lane' is a short PSX-style horror experience about waiting for your train late at night in a dark and lonely Park Lane station. 

When your train is inevitably delayed, you find yourself stuck in the underground with something mean and  hungry. Will you make it home? 


 WASD / Left Joystick -  Move

Mouse / Left Joystick - Look

Shift / Left Joystick Press - Sprint

E / South gamepad button - Interact


Park Lane Windows.zip 276 MB
Park Lane Mac.zip 281 MB

Install instructions

Windows - 

Download and unzip / Use the itch.io app

Mac - 

Build has issues when installed from the Itch.io website. Please install the Itch.io app and download the game through that instead. 


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5 estrellas

buen juego un poco corto no gran cosa pero bueno 

Very much a 'waiting for the next thing to happen' type of game and worked pretty well.

what the whaaat??

Loved the game! Here's a reupload of my video after my channel got hacked 

Loved the vibe. Good job dev. 


Nice game !

hola !!! he jugado a tu videojuego y me fascino la tension que me ha provocado jajaja sigue asi!!! 

No hay nada como un juego corto lleno de misterio que termina con un susto inesperado. Hermoso!


(3rd game I play)


Damn, that was terrifying on a whole different LEVEL!

28:05 - 33:51

this is the second game I played in my video (timestamps in the description)

I did not know anything about this while playing and it was good! I know it might sound a bit weird but I feel like I missed some spooks because I was just goofing around heh

However, I love the atmosphere and settings of it, very nice!

(1 edit)

This game was very eerie! Liked the concept of it and that ending took me by surprise XD You did a great job! (Gameplay starts at 6:05)

I like the psx style

I hope you make more games like this

Honestly one of the better Psychological horror experiences I've played in a while, I really enjoyed this game and it had a really good atmosphere/build up 8/10

Зачем в это играю 

Игра пытается тебя напугать, хммм какой тут интересный пол)

Very interesting.

Came to play this after trying out The Metro Station Incident and was not disappointed. Very dark and very quiet until we hear random noises which was unsettling for me, and the ending was a cool one. Looking forward to checking out more of your games :)

My girlfriend gave this a shot-- never got to her train, though...


this reminds me a lot of VENGEANCE

Enjoyed your game. Touched all the correct phobias to provide me Batman-worthy flashbacks. I used to take the train daily and always got vigilant late nights alone, every sound is amplified :)

nice work =)

very creepy concept, i loved it (3rd game) will be checking out more from this developer :)

Short but scary experience, thank you dev for making it :)


The suspense and atmosphere was great as you never know when or if anything was gonna come for you at all. I was on edge the entire playthrough keep up the good work. 

This was a great atmospheric horror game that made me feel helpless and without control of the situation, which added greatly to the experience! My only "complaint" is that the announcements were pretty quiet, so I couldn't really hear what was being said. Small complaint though, everything else about this was great! (Second game in the video)

First game I play in the video. Fun little game to start my 3 scary games video. Definitely never going to use the trains again. 

Check out my video.

I just wanted to go home man lls good game. make a whole one

A very short horror game, but it had some good spooky moments. Here's another video for your comment section, dev:

If this is based in New York, imma need a “get sturdy” option in the game. 10/10 game bruu 💃

Had fun playing it! Keep it up :)

(3rd game in the video)

Enjoyable experience my guys! Loved the theme you went for and it was really well done for the time it took!

Even though I knew I wasn’t getting out of there the atmosphere and buildup was excellently executed. Can’t wait to see your next work :D

It’s also been included as part of my Handful of horror series I do on occasion, so enjoy my panicked reactions!

Muy buen juego, definitivamente una experiencia corta, pero lo suficientemente interesante y aterradora para mantenerte en tension durante la duracion de todo el juego, 100% recomendada

Super well done.

This is a very atmospheric game and i really liked the tension building the whole time! the last part definitely got me good! great job!  

If this game would have been longer, I would have screamed a lot. The eerie atmosphere and sound effects really kept me paranoid. I also, like the darkness of the subway because you never know what you could walk into. 

I really liked it, just a bit too short lol

This is exactly why I don't use public transportation.

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