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Game starts at 0:00

The real fear is waiting in the dark for your train to come by.  Asides the  fact there's a monster in the dark watching me was the least of my concern.

bur fr the fact the game was made in 48 hours, not bad. Good job!  


25:37 - I loved the pacing and atmosphere you built. You had me both legitimatly convinced I would be safe and freaked out at the same time. Great job! 
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For a game that was made in 48 hours it was creepy. I enjoyed this one.  

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Comments below clip;

I'm not really renowned for being a patient man, but in this case, I had no choice but to loiter around on a platform, in a subway station. Despite my good intent, I didn't make it. The thing got to me. Thanks for an intense game play where little happened, until it did.

Kudos to all involved.

good and creepy game!

Loved it! Would like to see some more of something like this! Like you were kidnapped and woke up in some kind of farm and now you have to find a way out :D

i played this game on 5:59

hohoho.... this game is so creepy love this

For a game made in 48 hours, nice work! 

Nice work! Doing this in 48 hours is pretty impressive! 🙂👍

This was so creepy, enjoyed it quite a lot. 

another cool psx game. i played this during a livestream a few days ago. There's isnt a lot to say about this game because its short and not a lot of stuff you can do besides just walking back and forth. Keep up the good work! 

 Great Game for 48 Hours! Please keep expanding :)
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Cool Game!

I play it at 4:42

You should make a real game of this! nice concept!

Played this and loved it! It was minimal and still scary. GREAT sound design!! I did record myself playing if you’d like to see a live reaction.

Please tell me this game is getting an update. Like, in all seriousness, this game is amazing. The atmosphere is paired perfectly with the occasional jumpscare, and the buzzing of the subway lights. I really enjoyed this game, I hope you expand on it in the future!

THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!! this was a really cool but pretty short game. i had a ton of fun playing. dev the notes for you are at the end. THIS IS A REACTION COMPILATION! so its short and has some funny edits.

Is Waiting for a Train late at night boring and somewhat creepy? ... Well... so is this game

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The ambientation is very immersive, loved that creepy creature. Nice game, I like the ending! (Pt-BR)

tf is that game? you just stand there on the platform the whole time. 


Super well done, really enjoyed the sense of terror.

Nice game I can see why its so popular.  I love the idea!  

Short, sweet. A little too less things happening for me but was nice nevertheless. Really loved the little things around the area as you may spot in the thumbnail lmao

Cool Fun Game

This game was a good short game!


The fact this took only 48 hours to make and to have plenty of content is incredibly impressive. Well done on this. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Here is my version of playing it: 

Great game

what engine was this game made with?

i guess unity our unreal engine


may you please check out my game too

Space dodge|A dodging game by Khotu36 (

This is a waiting game.. I kind of expected something to do other than stand still.. 

Additionally, there are no stairs outside from the train station which doesn't make much sense.


This was definitely spooky! Keep up the great work.

First Chapter in the video!

Really lovely, spooky little game! Great graphics, great sound, nice and to the point! Can't wait to see what you make next!


Quick scary game that I somewhat found funny but I like the concept for sure

Creepy game in one of the most spooky places at night... the subway. Keep up the great work! 

Made in 48 hours so that goes with consideration to the game - good job on creating atmosphere/building dread, solid concept that gives a lot to work with. Could have used a little more teasing of the "monster," but I understand there were time constraints. Overall, well done, and it was a fun little playthrough. 

I hone
This was insanely well done considering the circumstances. Very good job building the terror. Highly recommend. 2nd game here.

It's fun

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