A downloadable game for Windows

Rhythm Hero is a small project I embarked on this weekend. Its not a finished game, but instead, more of a protype version of a game I may consider perusing in the future.


Use 1,2 & 3 keys to play the songs.

1 = red

2 = blue

3 = green

Install instructions

Open with winrar and export.


RH2.0.zip 35 MB


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sir can you teach me how to do this, i really want do this in my final project. please help me .

Hey man really awesome. do you have a tutorial to this? I would like to learn how to do something like this.

Keep it going you're awesome!!!

Not yet, I've got exams for the next couple of weeks, but after that I'll try making a tutorial. Can't promise it'll be great, but I've got a few requests so I might as well :)