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Cool game =]

Fun short game, liked the concept and considering it was made in 48 hours it was reall good

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This was nice and simple for a two-day made game pretty cool!

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an amazing with an amazing atmosphere, i've always loved games that are based upon the Tchernobyl disaster, despite having simple goal and a simple monster that chases you around it really gave me slender the 8 pages vibes, other than that the game is a 10/10

A very simple horror game about rock collecting (and you have a gun) Had a good time with it !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Love the atmosphere in this game!  Well done :)

bro im so shocked that a game thats made in 48 hours is so good!

the game itself so smooth it feels like those OG games ngl.

Great game!! If you limit the use of the gun by the amount of ammunition. might make it more fun. I like this game.  ;-)

This was fun. It lasted as long as it needed to, it was creepy to see this strange mutant chasing you and the map was as large as it needed to be without being excessively tedious. Great work, I'd love to see a bigger version of this!

I really enjoyed your game.  :)  It's pretty impressive that you were able to do this in only a matter of 2 days. 

Pretty fun and scary game. The G-counter mechanic was interesting, while the monster seemed horrifying

Este juego es corto pero muy interesante. Me gustó mucho el misterio que genera desde que comienza. Solo quisiera que hubieran otros 10 minutos de juego.

eeeeee baldej

Couldn't finish it unfortunately, but it was pretty cool 

will there be a 32x bits version?

Quite interesting concept of game here.  At first I thought is going be easy since you got radar and all.  but the moment you let your guard down, it easily scare me off as the monster appear of nowhere!! Good game my friend! Continue the hard work! 

Love from Malaysia ^_^

A short but well-made indie horror game. This game doesn't do a whole lot in terms of gameplay, graphics and music but the simplicity of it really adds to the horror.

One of the reasons why I think PSX-style games work so well is because they are simple in terms of character models and location design. Therefore I'd say this game works extremely well.

You never know where the creature is, and the fact that it's drenched in PSX type fog really adds to the horror. 

Overall, I loved the short time I had with this game.

I played this as part of a pack of 8 games on my Twitch channel.

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cool scary

buen juego me espante poquito con el mutante pero logre pasar el juego.

un juego sencillo pero entretenido yo le doy 100/100.


was fun! but very easy didnt die once. but for 48 hours well done!

Good game.

Wow, this was a lot of fun. Short and sweet. When the abomination shows up, you better run. My partner and I really like our experience with the game. It has everything that we want in a horror game and it's quick!

Anyone that is a mac gamer, I was not successful playing with a controller. 

Either way, we both had a lot of fun playing it. We will check out your other games now. 

Nice Game


really loved this game!!!


This is a genuinely scary game at first, but once you realize the monster goes away after you shoot it, it loses the vibe. Maybe add a mechanic that makes the game more difficult? But overall, this is a really cool game.

According to the description (and based on my experience), the monster gets more resilient the more samples you get, to the point where I can't get the last one because I can't chase him off after I get 5 of them.  :/

if you shot the abomination, it will back off for a few seconds. enough time to start running and turn around to shoot it again.

I made a video on this game - 28:02

Playing 10 Horror Games on

Was neat, i liked the concept, but i guess with the gun and how slow the monster was felt pretty safe through the game. Was still enjoyable and hope you enjoy the video! 

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Not only did we end up making very similar games but pretty much got the same LD49 results as well. 

Huge congrats fellow Mood 2nd place winner! (although this is for compo so its even more impressive)

Long live the moody nuclear incident games!


congrats on the 2nd place! This is my highest placement so far, so pretty happy with it, previously it was a 4th place in mood. Next time we both take 1st! 

I am very confused but I had a blast!

Great Game! It had me spooked at first when I first say the blob thing.

This was a lot of fun to navigate through the wasteland and the fog, was definitely not expecting the creature, and how many shots it could take!


Not scary or hard, but still fun!

Made a video

Does it works in 32x bits?


Loved the setting and look/feel of it but alas, I could not finish it. I hope I didn’t miss out on a cinematic ending :D I am curious what you can do with more than 48 hours, so it's a follow!

good horror game could add a little more stuff tho


The monster started to make me worry when he would run away for only a couple seconds at the end. Thing was ugly! Cool game!

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