Undead Valley 0.0.5 Out NOW!!!

Hey guys! I've just uploaded a  new build of Undead Valley. This build fixes many of the performance problems people had with the previous version (still some optimisation work to go though) and adds a whole bunch of new missions and content to the game. 

Here is a full list of the changes :) 

  • Added Dr Rahul NPC.
  • Added Dale the Mechanic NPC.
  • Added beginnings of the Cure Quest line.
  • Added Quest rewards.
  • Re-balanced vehicle damage.
  •  Revamped Inventory system. (8 new slots)
  • Added containers for expanded storage options.
  • Added Auto-Repair shop.
  • More progress on military base.
  •  Added Reputation System.
  •  Reworked lighting.
  •  Reworked day/night cycle.
  • Added Running Zombies.
  •  Added Vehicle position saving.
  •  Added new House model with interior. 
  • Added new Bar model with interior.
  •  More progress made on city.
  •  Changed menu screen.
  •  Added new main menu song.
  •  Lots of performance changes.
  • Overhauled zombie systems.
  • Added screen effects and audio for low stamina and low health.
  • Added new animations to the player and to the zombies. 


Undead Valley v0.0.5.zip 44 MB
Aug 06, 2018

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