A downloadable game for Windows

**Unfortunately this game is no longer in active development**

NOTE: This product is still in Pre-Alpha. This does not represent a finial product! 


Undead Valley is a Zombie Survival game with an isometric perspective and a voxel art style. The game is still in development and this is a pre-alpha playtest to get some opinions and is a preview of things to come. 


- Explore a large open map, including several different areas.

- Scavenge for supplies to survive the end of the world!

- Grow crops.

- 8 Weapons!

- Complete quests and build relationships with NPC's (Still in early stages of development)

- Weather System.

- Kill hordes of zombies.

- Keep your car in good condition to ensure fast travel around the world.

In its current state, the game is still far from perfect, hence I have put the game on a pay what you want model. However, once the game is finished, I plan on selling it for around $5. Those who choose the purchase the game now, at any price above $0.99 will gain access the the full game on release for no further cost. 

For now however, the game will be free to play for the foreseeable future , hopefully with  frequent builds full of new content.


Look - mouse

Shoot/Attack - Left mouse

Walk - W/S

Rotate Camera - Q/E

Interact - E

Inventory - Tab

Map - M

Perks - P

Mission log - L

Pause - Escape

Undead Valley

Install instructions

Download Zip file, export and run the game.


Undead Valley v0.0.5.1.zip 44 MB

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