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v0.0.5.1 Patch
Hey guys. Just released a quick patch to fix one of the games major bugs. In previous builds you may have experienced a bug that allowed players to clip through...
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Undead Valley 0.0.5 Out NOW!!!
Hey guys! I've just uploaded a new build of Undead Valley. This build fixes many of the performance problems people had with the previous version (still some o...
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v0.0.4.2 Patch - Bug fixes and small audio improvements
Hi everyone. Just uploaded another small patch to fix some more bugs I was told about in the game. This patch fixes a bug that prevented picking up certain item...
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v0.0.4.1 - Small bug fixes
Hey everyone. Just published a new build that fixes some small visual issues with the previous build. Hope everyone is enjoying the game so far. Remember, this...
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v0.0.4 Pre-Alpha build out now!
Hey everyone! It's been almost a year since I released the first build of Undead Valley! I've put in a lot of hard work over the past year and the game has come...
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